Monday, June 27, 2016

Skincare Products

Hello my fellow readers it has been a fair awhile, possibly half a year of this blog being inactive. As always I will blog whenever I can, have time or have the motivation to write up a post. Thank you so much for being patient and for some of my fellow readers for emailing and asking me all sorts of things in regards to my blog and what not! ^_^ 

This post will be about my current skin care products - things I am in love with or either absolutely loathe. But before I start, here is a photo of myself as this post would be boring and will only be showing the products (LOL). Plus I need to update you guys; I do not have brown hair anymore, my hair is currently blonde and I absolutely love it! :D

Face: sensitive, dry to very dry with slightly oily T zone.
I also have mild eczema - so I use prescription creams and ointments as well.
Body: dry.



I HATE THIS PRODUCT. It broke out my skin like crazy and I barely ever do. I have heard some great reviews for this cheap product as many people have said that it reminds them of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I only ever use the Shu Uemura cleansing oil or the Tiss 2way off oil cleansing oil (Shiseido), so I thought I’d give it a shot. Nek minit my skin was bumpy and lumpy, it was scary and I knew straight away it was the cleansing oil, NEVER AGAIN.


These are my facial scrubs and cleansers that I thoroughly enjoy as it does not have a burning sensation and it is gentle enough to use 4-5 times a week. The lip scrub is really tasty… LOL. It is basically sugar with jojoba oil and other natural ingredients. It gently rubs away the deep skin on your lips and gives you a clean polished feeling afterwards.


I love using my Clarisonic with the following cleansers in the above photo (except the Clearasil as it has micro beads in it). It makes my skin feel clean but not drying; the brush is absolutely worth the price and feels extremely luxurious.


This facial toner does not contain any alcohol which is perfect for my sensitive skin. It also contains a slight astringent feeling which I really like and my skin still feels supple.


This is one of my most favourite skincare products. Reason being is that when you put this product on your skin you can feel a warm tingly sensation and my skin feels so much more firm and my skin looks really radiant after using it. This product is quite expensive for a 50ml bottle ( $96.00 AU) but I believe it is totally worth every dollar and I highly recommend it.


Using this product really makes my skin completely supple and extremely soft and I just love the scent of this oil (contains lavender and evening primrose). Seems likes I’m sponsored by Kiehl’s or something as I use a lot of their products, but their products are amazing!! 


Yes… Another Kiehl’s product LOLOL. These are my go to facial moisturising creams. I use the Cetaphil for during the day and the Kiehl’s one for at night. The Cetaphil is perfect for sensitive/dry skin and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day, whereas the Kiehl’s one is perfect for at night as it is not sticky and feels l light.


I believe that eye creams are very important as underneath your eyes; is the thinnest skin on your whole entire body and does not naturally create oil. Therefore it is prone to dryness and fine lines, so by nurturing it with eye cream it can address these issues. I love this eye cream because it is creamy and does not make my eyes swollen the next day like some eye creams I’ve used before (e.g. YSL FOREVER Youth Liberator Eye Crème).

These are basically facial mist sprays that sooth sensitive skins from being outside or if my skin is feeling irritated and I love using it to set my make up as well. I also use the La Roch-Posay (Thermal Spring Water) as well and I prefer that over the Avene as the spray nozzle is much more finer.


Another Mario Badescu product and it is great for those random pimples that you can feel growing. Dab a tiny amount of this drying lotion and the pimple would be done by the next day. (Warning can be very drying if you use it all the time as it has witch hazel).


Your body needs as much love as your face does and so I use body lotion almost every day and sunscreen to protect my skin from skin cancer and also skin pigmentation. The lotion I change it up once I finish a bottle and this one I don’t care for so much, it is okay; does the job. The body sunscreen is my all-time favourite, it smells amazing and it rubs on like a lotion. The small little blue bottle is sunscreen for the face; I really like the texture and consistency of it as it feels light and non-greasy.


Yes, I know; it is not a skin care product but I want to share anyway because it is awesome! This product is perfect for contact lenses users and people that are prone to having dry eyes. My optometrist recommended this product for me and you can purchase this in any pharmacy without prescription. It helps relief while you sleep and when you wake up your eyes would not feel like the desert, highly recommend this!


This was a rather long post but I hope my fellow readers thoroughly enjoyed it! What are some products do you see in this post that you’re currently using or thought about purchasing? Leave a comment down below; I would love to hear what you have to say or think about this post, future posts or anything! Also any skincare recommendations would be appreciated too. Hehehhee!
Until next time!

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lense review: EOS Cat Eyes in Brown


Hi all, it's been a fair while hasn't it? ^^ As always I somehow disappear and appear back on my blog whenever I feel like it. Can you guys believe it though, it's nearly Christmas and the end of 2015 already!! This year has flown by for me and I'm sure each year will just crawl up even more faster.

The product I'll be reviewing today will be the "EOS Cat Eyes Brown" lenses. The product itself can be found on LoveShoppingholics website which I'll link at the end of this blog post.

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

Photo credit: Google -

My Review: 

Design 4/5:
The design is quite unqiue as it a 'zig zag' pattern on the perimeter of the lenses. It looks quite scary in the viral bottles tbh but they look very natural on the eyes. The design really mimics how a real iris can look like.

Colour/color 5/5: The lenses itself looks quite artificial and fake looking before inserting them into the eyes, but when you wear them on they look really natural as it has tri-colour effect; therefore blending very nicely with my natural eye colour.

Enlargement 2/5: The size is 14.5mm so it gives off only the slightest enlargement effect. I reckon these would be great for people with small 'egg whites' (what I'm referring here is the whites of the eyes) the reason being is the diameter of isn't too big . Also these lenses looks really nice with dramatic or natural looking make up.

Comfort 5/5: These lenses were surprisingly comfortable. Probably one of the thinnest and most comfortable lenses I have ever tried. A+ :D

Overall: 4/5
I would give it the full 5 out of 5 but if you are my long time readers, I like my lenses to be a bit on the bigger scale (around 15mm). Regardless these lenses are beautiful and I think I might try out the grey and blue ones as well (yasss). If you're looking for natural looking lenses that gives you that little 'sparkle' these lenses are made for you. :)

Where you can purchase them:
Direct link to EOS Cat Eyes Brown:

Hope this review was some what helpful! I might do a small little update on myself and what not! :D If you'd like to see a specific product review or something - please leave a comment down below and I'll see if I am able to do so. Much love to my fellow readers that still come to my blog and these who are liking my Facebook page. It's been dead for awhile so I'm surprised people are still liking it LOL!

Until next time my fellow puff balls!!
Much love, Phuju ♥

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Berrisom 'My Lip Tint Pack'

Hi everyone it's been a fair few months of me being MIA as I've been busy with work, studies, life off the internet and of course me being a tad lazy AHAHAA!! I'm now on holidays so I have plenty of time to do things I love and enjoy doing again. :') As I've said in my previous post I'm going to be reviewing the Berrisom lip tint, I had purchase it on eBay but I'm sure you can find it on Amazon or even your local Korean make up store. It has been featured on a S.Korean beauty show and it has been quite popular as it's different from the usual typical lip tint (check out the video down below)!

First impressions:

The colour of the lip tint is in 'Sexy Red'. The consistency of the product is quite thick and tricky to apply on the lips, as the tip of the tube has a small hole and has to be squeezed out of it. I was quite mortified after applying the product on my lips because it was sooooo dark and what I wanted was a slight red tint not vampire dark red lips! You need to let the product dry completely which took me about 12-15 minutes, you'll know by touching it as it won't be tacky anymore. It was a clean peel and I was actually really impressed with the colour pay off! It was a nice pink/red and it looked quite natural.

  • Long wear - lasts more than 8hrs
  • A good range of colours
  • Kiss proof - does not transfer
  • Can be applied as light or dark as you like - the more you apply the darker it'll come out and the less you apply means it'll be lighter

  • Messy application - the tip of the tube I'm not too fond of
  • Takes time - 15mins to dry so if you're in a rush, forget this product
  • Dry lips should be avoided at all cost or
  • PLEASE exfoliate before use or else it'll cling to every crack and curve of your lips :P
  • Can be quite uneven as product is hard to distribute out evenly on lips

Overall 4/5
I really like the colour and the innovation of this product, fun and totally unique! It just takes time to master, the only thing that I don't like is waiting!!! I'm fairly impatient so that's why it's 4/5. :D I would definitely repurchase and would love try out Lovely Peach and Pure Pink (on my bucket-list to purchase now ohohoh)!!

Hope you all enjoyed this review~ There will be more posts coming soon my fellow munchkins! So keep your eyes out hehehee also If you'd like to keep in touch with me, follow my Twitter - phujuu or Instagram - phuju 8D

Until my next post,
Much love Phuju ♥