Monday, June 14, 2010

New video on youtube.

Today is Sunday and gah it was so boring so I decided to make a video, since I haven't posted any videos for about 2 months or so, ekkk! I'm so sorry just been really lazy and pretty much have no inspiration or ideas to talk or do about. Until recently I saw on cheeserland's youtube channel, she made a bandana ribbon and it's quite cute and I've actually seen it in a Japanese magazine called Popteen as well! So I decided to post up a video of how I'd take on doing this bandana bow/ribbon. Hope you guys like it ^~^ comment and rate it.

Before I completed this video, my siblings and I decided to go to the movies to watch Prince of Persia. IT'S SOOO GOOD! Except for the fact there was heaps and heaps of snakes.... ARGH I was covering my face 1/3 of the time during the movie == LOLOL anyways I'm going to stop blogging and prob hit the bed soon since I have tutor tomorrow~

Until the next blog
♥ phuongie