Saturday, June 11, 2011

Haul? & weekend. (*^^*)

Hello my little munchkins I hope you're all well! It's a Saturday night and I'm not out, having a quiet one for once. What are you all up to ey?

Yesterday I watched Hangover II with one of my close buddies: Crystal. We were deciding on whether we should watch X-men: First Class or Hangover II. We ended up watching Hangover II instead because neither one of us has watched any of the X-men series and were worried we wouldn't understand what the heck was going on in the movie! Super hilarious film similar to the first one but great for the laughs haha. While today I was out with my older brother and little sister, we ended up watching X-men. I was worried if I wouldn't understand the plot but I did. All I got to say is that this movie is fantastic! You got to check it out if you haven't! Seriously! The actor's, the story line, the filming and editing ahh man too good.

Okay enough about my semi weekend (since it's a long weekend *Friday-Monday*) here is my little clothes haul? I don't think it would be a haul... Compared to others this is probably one shopping trip for them LOL!

Just a faux fur, a skinny tan belt, a dress, two stockings,
a pair of white frilly ankle socks and black shorts.

Everything seems so dark/black! ;__; Getting the winter blues and having more black items. Personally I don't like wearing black much. It's so boring and plain. I'll only wear black if it has intricate details or if it is a basic item example: long sleeve top.

Well I'm going to post up some reviews and finish off transferring movies/dramas/anime to Crystal's hard drive!

How cute is her hard drive? LOLOL!
A book I'm currently reading, Just finished reading A Memoir Shanghai Tango by Jin Xing.
So here is a new book. Hahaha yes I still borrow books from libraries... ^__^
Hehehe okay until the next post my lovelies!
XOXO much love ♥ Phuongie.