Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review — My Beauty Diary Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask

What is My Beauty Diary Mask?
My Beauty Diary Mask is manufactured by PPC Life Company in Taiwan. This mask is a great hit in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It promises to deliver instant skin care result right after using it. There is a wide selection of My Beauty Diary Mask that suitable for different skin types and skin concerns. This series aims at restoring damaged, dehydrated and tired look skin as well as brightening dull and uneven skin tone for young and fair look.

My Beauty Diary Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask (contains 28ml - 8 pcs)

Origin: Taiwan

The features of this mask: 
Brightening and nourishing dull and dry skin.

What does the mask contain in it? 
This face mask contains 28ml of skin care essence for brightening and moisturising dull and dry skin. With special design of material and facial cloth cutting. It also contains fruit acids (lemon, orange and kiwi) for removing dead skin cell which allows other products that applied follow can be penetrated into the skin effectively. With Pearl Powder Extract and Dixas Complex (combination of Amino Acids) that help to soften, moisture and improve dull and tired look skin.
For all skin, especially for dull, dry and tired look skin. 
How to use?
Use after cleansing and toning. Spread the mask, hold the ear sides and put them on your ears to secure the mask position. Stretch the mask to cover your forehead and chins. Adjust the bottom part of your mask and move the end of the mask towards to your ears for better coverage. This will help to firm up your skin and keep the mask in appropriate position. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mask and massage the remaining skin care essence until it is absorbed. Use moisturizer afterwards for a complete protection.

Be warned.... Scary close/mid shoots of my face with the mask..... T~T


You can detach the jaw part if you don't like it.

My overview:
 The mask itself has hanging holes on both sides of the mask to loop around our ears, also an additional there is a neck mask with two ear holes to loop around our ears as well. This is a fantastic invention ever! The mask was able to be really close to my skin as possible, and I was able to move around in my room and the mask wouldn't drop off randomly. Fantastic or not ey? 

As I've mentioned in the description of what My Beauty Mask is, if you look closely at the mask there is a special design of material and facial cloth cutting. This mask holds the skin care essence better; thus, covers the face and chin areas and relieve the essence gradually for satisfactory result. Better distribution of the essence!

This was actually my first time trying out the My Beauty Diary Mask and I was worried that it would be a total flop, since a lot of people have tried it and said it's really amazing or either it was crap. I actually really like it, but in comparison with the Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Mask HA Super Moist I would still prefer to use that. Reason being is that the Mandom Beauty Barrier Mask HA Super Moist makes my skin more supple, softer and just eliminates dry flaky skin. *_* (I have very sensitive/dry skin.)
But regardless, this mask does wonders and it is amazing.

That's about it and thank you for reading this! ^0^
Also has anyone tried this out or is planning to? Hehehe.

Okay my little munchies, 
until my next post lovelies!
Much love ♥ Phuongie.

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