Thursday, June 23, 2011

Something in the mail and some more clothes hehe. =^_^=

Hello my little muncharoos hehehe hope you are doing very well and safe! Earlier on today I went shopping by myself (yes I enjoy it hahaha!) and here are some items that I want to share with you all! ^0^

But before I get down on that something was laying beautifully on my bed. So finally... After waiting for a few weeks my Snidel dress arrived! I thought it was lost for good but it was laying on my bed when I got home... Tears of joy. Seriously. :') I bought this off ModeBarbie but the store is shut down now, so maybe check out the Snidel website instead. ^^

How pretty is it?!

I bought this blouse today, I really like how to collar is pleated reminds me sailor uniform.... Hahahaa.

Finally bought some new eyeliner and some false eyelashes. Woohoo! つーちゃん! ♥
Since we're on the topic of Tsu chan, has everyone seen the teaser for Tsu-chan's MV? It is sooo cute!!! Milky Bunny ☆_☆ if you haven't, check down below!!!

Milky Bunny(ミルキーバニー)「Bunny Days(ハート)」

Hope you munchies enjoyed this post and also have a lovely and safe weekend! I'll be out with my ladies tomorrow to watch Bridemaids, can't wait to see it. I heard it's really good so lets see.

Now how can I end this post without any photos of myself? Hhahahaaha love you all! ♥

PS - Yes... I know I changed my theme again. I felt like the other was nice but so generic so I fixed mine again. It's still in the stage of under construction. So it will change again soon..... Stay tuned.

Until my next post! XOXO
Much love ♥ Phuongie.