Saturday, June 18, 2011

Teppanyaki Inn.

Happy 19th Birthday Kimchi! ♥

We went to Teppanyaki Inn to celebrate Kim's birthday which is located in Melbourne on Collins Street. What is teppanyaki though? "Teppanyaki" is a style of cooking in which the chef prepares various seafood's, cuts of beef, chicken and fresh vegetables in front of the customer and cooks by grilling on a large steel hotplate called a "teppan". In Japan "yaki" refers to ingredients that have been grilled, hence Teppanyaki. 

 I won't talk to much in this post because I thought I'd post up some photos what happened during the time and share it with you munchies.  Photos speak a thousand times much more better than just be rambling, so please enjoy! ^0^


Something I purchased for Kimchi hehee hope you like the masks dear! ^^
A cute birthday card. XD

Morgan, Tuyet, Olivia, Nina & I.




Nina & myself hehe. ♥

Our chef was quite cute ehehehe.





"No food."

Oh yeahhhhhh food. 8D

Credits to Nina san's phone hehe.

Credits to Nina san. ^_^b


Last but not least, Kim blowing out her candles!
Happy birthday once again Kim! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ♥
Thank you having me there Miss Kimchi!
Hehehe well that's about it and I'll keep you all updated.

Until my next post lovelies, 
be safe and have a wonderful weekend!
Much love ♥ Phuongie.