Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cosplay : Puella Magi Madoka★Magica – Madoka Kaname (part 2)

Hello everyone hahaha. Ahh.... Lately I have been having problems with my comment server, it was pissing me off quite a bit. So what did I do? I changed the server. So there is no more comments on any of my posts. Which made me quite sad. T_T but oh well. 

Hehehe anyway forget about my sad story; the title says it all.. Part 2 of my cosplay of Madoka!

Today I went to the post office to pick up some parcels and did some errands. I got to say... Omg the wig is soooo soft and such good quality for $30! I swear! It's soooo soft.... And it looks really good too. :D well to me hehehehe.

As you can see here in the photo the fringe is a little bit to long so I need to fix that. Shouldn't be that bad nor hard! :D
The way the wig was sent to me though looked like it was place it a rubbish bin bag and duct taped like crazy lulz.. But nevertheless, good buy for only $30. Now for some mucking around photos with my little sister and I. 8D

 Kekekeke how weird does it look without the pigtails? LOL!

Notice how I'm holding something that looks like an iPad? Well that arrived today as well. Hehehe I'm over the moon! Having so much fun playing around with it. It's the Optus My Tab my brother purchased it for me hehe how sweet but man... It's so bloody cheap only $99, so cheap that he bought one for himself as well hahahaha!!!

The box reminds me of iPod and iPhone boxes. Haven't seen the iPad boxes yet~

I need to modify this up! Brother was laughing at how n00b it looks... T^T *sobs*

I'm not out tonight, too cold but I'm heading out tomorrow night for Chris' birthday dinner~~ Excited for him ehehe and I miss him too! ♥ I know you're reading this he he heeeeeee. *^^*

I've also dyed my hair, it's quite similar just did my regrowth but my hair is less yellow/orange. I hate it when it turns out like that after awhile. I hope this doesn't fade too soon. It's kind of ash light brown. Will post up when I'm free later on this week~~ :3

PS - I just want to thank to the new and old followers on my blog I really appreciate it and thank you to the new followers on Twitter as well. Quite surprised on how many people are following my Twitter. Thank you once again! ♥

Well that's all for now my little cutie pies. 
I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have a safe time!!!
Much love ♥ Phuju.