Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kumiko Funayama (舟山久美子) Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Hello everyone~

Hope everyone is well like always hehee. *^^* As you can tell from the blog post title, here is a tutorial inspired from the model Kumiko Funayama (舟山久美子) from the recent Popteen issue (August 2011). It's currently summer in Japan while Australia is giving me frost bites. I thought I'd recreate the look, since I miss the warmth of summer. Hope you all enjoy it~~ Leave a comment down below of what you think hehehe. ♥

Here are the scans from Popteen this month with the Kumiko inspired make up.(cClick on the image to view them larger!)

Here are some selfcam shoots hehee. ^^

That's about it for this post, I'm not really well at the moment so I'll end it here. 
Have a wonderful weekend my cute munchkins hehehe. I love you all!

Much love ♥ Phuju