Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My inspiration & fave models.

Just a compilation of all my inspiration and my fave models. Please enjoy. :)

But before I start, thank you to those who read through my blog. I know there aren't many people reading it but I am very thankful! ♥ there are very few people that like how I dress or do my makeup, but nothing can stop me yah noe? Hhahahaha! I RABU YU!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

LOVE to LOVE[PV]「Love Letter ~告白の日~」

Hehehehehee and some bonus photos of me self cam the other day. ^_^ 
I'm not sure if I've written it in any of my recent posts yet, but I've put a watermark on my photos now. Since I saw some floating around on online shops. I have nothing against that, but they did that without asking my permission and putting it as their shop banner and what not. >_< Please ask before you use it! I would appreciate that instead. :)

 I also changed my comment section. I can now directly reply back to you instead of me going @insertname hehehee. That's about it my cutie pies!Stay safe, eat well and party hard. But not too hard kiddo.

Much love from the dork ♥ Phuju.

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