Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cosplay : Puella Magi Madoka★Magica – Madoka Kaname (photoshoot)

Hehehehe Melbourne has been treating me very well! The weather has been superb~~ Sunny with a light cold breeze. I'm lovin` it! I went to the Melbourne Zoo today with my little sister and my older brother! ^^ Well moving on hehehee.... As the title says it all.... I had a mini photoshoot today for my cosplay. So please enjoy and if you have any feedback please place them down below in the comment section. ^__^

 If you haven't noticed, you can actually click on the image and see the original size of it. Therefore you can see it more clearly. (except for the portrait ones, since it's the size that I resized for my blog) :) I also didn't watermark these set of photos because I felt it would ruin it.... I know it sounds retarded LOL, but whatever. My costume is only 95% done too ;_; I have something still missing, try and spot it if you can. :P

Setting up this photoshoot took me awhile but... It actually turned out pretty good! :D I don't have a ring light so here goes my sexy lamp as my external lighting. Hhahahahahaha!!!! Check out my home-made-style external lighting!

That is all for now my loved ones! Also thank you so much to my new and old follower~~ I'm over 100+ now. I'm very grateful for each and everyone of you. ♥ *^^*

Until my next post hehehe.
I hope you all stay well and safe!
Much love ♥ Phuju.