Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: Diamond Lash - Princess (プリンセス) Eye

Finally.. I got my paws all over this! :D I've been looking around for them for quite some time, so I'm quite happy to try them out and show them on my blog hehee.

DIAMOND LASH are by DIAMOND BEAUTY, it is a high quality upper and lower eyelashes made in Japan. These lashes are probably listed in the top fave gyaru false eyelashes. These are often seen in popular Japanese magazines like Popteen and EGG.


How the lashes look in real life. :)

♡♡♡ Diamond Lash - プリンセス Eye ♡♡♡
Ease of application: 3/5 it takes time to move it around and getting used to it, as the lash band is flat on both sides. 
Lash band: 4/5 it's quite stiff in the beginning, but it gets softer when you bend it before applying on your eyes.
Is it reusable: Yes for sure, if you wash and clean them after using them. Plus the lash itself is quite sturdy. 
Would I repurchase them again: YES! Well another range for sure. :D They come in 5 pairs and are fairly similar to the price of Dolly Wink eyelashes~~

Overall I would purchase other styles from this brand, it's very unique and different! They also come in all sorts of styles ranging from natural to dramatic. Therefore they can fit in your particular style. :3 Now I really want the Volume Series which has the baby blue packaging.

 I hope this review is helpful and that you enjoyed it as well hehee.
Now to end this post with a gif... My first ever gif, please excuse if it looks retarded LOL! 


Until my next post lovelies! Hehehhee.
Much love ♥ Phuju.