Saturday, September 17, 2011


I finally got my hands on the really cute sweater from W♥C with Kumatan on the sweater hehehee. I bought it off BadBarbie which is owned by Cindy Tang, she is super trendy and her blog is amazing so check it out if you haven't! :D 

I only purchase the Kumatan Sweater and Sheer Black Skirt, but I'm fairly sure I'll be back for more. The service was not only fast but there was good communication going as well! I am totally satisfied with the service and the price was affordable yet the quality of the products is high standard!

Okay now embrace yourself for some cam whore time 8) 

How the Kumatan Sweater looked on the website:

How the item looks in real life:

How the Sheer Black Skirt looked on the website:

How the item looks in real life:
(Sorry you can't really see the bottom T_T)

Also she sent me a free BadBarbie Arty Ring because my order form went through her spam folder: to cut it short it was a long story haha! I'm loving it though! Thank you Cindy~ I'm going to order another soon, because my older sister is in love with it... She is smothering ALL over it hahaa! :D

How the BadBarbie Arty Ring looked on the website:

How the item looks in real life:
(The ring actually looks very turquoises just exactly the same as the pic above)

The items were true to how they were portrayed on the BadBarbie website! Therefore, I am definitely going to purchase more things from her site, since I'm very happy with all the products. :) Just my thoughts on BadBarbie and I think they will grow bigger and better so please check it out and support~

That's all for this post my little munchkins.

P.S - I have a Halloween party coming up soon... What should I dress up as?!!??! ARGH LOL! 
Please give me some suggests. I have no idea... Might as well dress in a potato bag.... TT__TT

Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!
Until my next post~~
Much love ♥ Phuju.