Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello :)

Hahahhaa it's nearly a month since I've posted anything, I've just been busy with my own life and finals are over and now I'm on my summer holidays!!! Freaken happy as la, I got many events and what-not which are approaching very soon. ^_^ I'll be sure to share my experience with you all and I hope you'll all enjoy theses type of posts. Going to lay off the reviews a bit and maybe do some coordinates and more personal posts hehehe.

I'm pretty sure you don't remember how I look after nearly a month of not posting anything. 
So here we go, a photo of myself l0lz. 8)

Hopefully my huge face didn't scare you mwahahaha. I'll be posting more regularly since I'm more free now ehehehe so please look forward to my future posts!! Also thank you so much to the new and old followers of my blog, I appreciate everyone's lovely comments and I love you all very much. 

Stay safe and I'll update very soon munchkins! (Maybe in a couple on mins lololol.)

Until my next post,
Much love ♥ Phuju.