Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Rohto Lycee Eyewash

In my previous post I posted up the Rohto Lycee Eyewash and a few of you were quite interested in a more thorough review so here it is hehe! Please enjoy. ^_^


Product Description
Lycee Eye Wash gently cleanses and refreshes the eye to help relieve irritation, stinging and discomfort by removing loose foreign material, air pollutants (pollen, ragweed) and dust or makeup remain. Washing eye after the swimming, when dust enter into eyes, after remove the makeup and contact lens.

Contain Vitamin B12 0.001% Vitamin B6 0.01% Vitamin E 0.0025%

Please first remove the makeup around the eye area and contact lens.

1. Fill the cup half full with 5 ml Lycee eye wash.
2. Apply the eye cup to the eye(s), pressing tightly to prevent spillage
3. Tilt the head backward. Open eyelids wide and rotate eyeball to thoroughly wash the eye for 10 seconds or more, but don't wash the eyes for too long.
4. Rinse eye cup with clean water after each use and keep it dry.
When using this product:
* remove contact lenses before using * 

As seen in Popteen!

I've been using this for quite some time and this is my second bottle or so. There is a really pleasant rose scent and as strange enough when you cup it over your eyes... You can smell it via your eyes? Maybe it's just me? Hahahaha anyway, it has a cooling effect into your eyes: like being dipped in icy mint water!! At first it may feel like it's stinging but then it relieves and feels like air is coming into your eyes. It's pretty addictive~ If your eyes have leftover makeup, the eye wash will remove it as well! :)

Also on a special note I watched the CM of lycee eye wash and it looks like the water will be 'pumped' into the eyes. But it's doesn't do much? :/

Overall: 5/5
I'd repurchase it again. Reason being is that I feel it does do the job that it claims that to do. 
Great for days when you have super itchy eyes as well! :D ♥♥♥♥♥

That's all for this post munchies!

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Much love ♥ Phuju.