Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh quit blushing!!!

Lately I've been loving the Canmake Cream Cheek and topping it off with Etude House Cookie Blush!!!!
It looks natural yet it has a splash of tiny glitter pigments.

Lens worn here are the i-Fairy Dolly+ Brown which the review is here.

Etude House Cookie Blush #4 & Canmake Cream Blush #3.


-The packaging is cute and also neat!
-The color gives natural-looking blush~
-The applicator is cute for the Etude House Cookie Blush (but I lost it... *sniff.*)
-It gives a bit of glittery effect (both).
-A great selection of colours!
-Easy to blend, blend blend!

Overall 5/5! 
Blushes gives you a healthy glow and it just looks so much cuter in autumn/winter time wearing it. Everyone should have at least one in their vanity bag or something. It seriously completes your face. :D

This post is really short so I hope you don't mind ladies and gents. Also thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous entry, I was quite stoked to see how many of you actually enjoyed that post. Thank you! ♥ 

Please stay safe and I'll be back soon like always!
Until my next post,
Much love ♥ Phuju Pham.