Monday, May 21, 2012

Crystal Clear Skin

Behold, this post is pretty much make-up less except for my eyebrows hehehee so I hope you ladies and gents enjoy it thoroughly. ^^ Today I'm going to share my two fave drug store skin products: a cream/form cleanser by Nivea Visage and also an exfoliate scrub by Neutrogena.

Nivea Visage: Sparkling White Purifying.
I bought this when I was overseas in the Philippines in December 2011. I forgot to bring extra skincare with me so I decided to buy this one. :3 I prefer skin care products that includes a brightening/whitening effect due to that fact my skin has pigmentation already. Asian skin are more prone to have hyper-pigmentation in the long run, so I'll try to prevent as early as possible. I'm pretty sure they do not sell/market that particular range in Australia, so if I run out of it... I'm going to be very, very sad. :<

Why I like it: This product makes my skin feel so clean. By clean I mean: smooth, spotless, all the dirt & oils trapped taken out by the make up during the day is drawn out of my pores. What more can you ask for? Also whenever I use a cream type of cleanser, I get blocked pores and it's so gross. TAT ahhh~ But with this, my skin does not block the products in my pores. PLUS OR WHAT!?


 Neutrogena: Deep Clean Invigorating foaming scrub.
I've tried many different types of scrubs but I always come back to this one in particular. My older sister purchased this ages ago and I've kept coming back to it ever since. Maybe I've been using this for 3-4years now. They've changed the packaging as well.... Such a loyal lover.

Why I like this: It's a gel formula in my opinion and has tiny micro-beads within the product. If you enjoy the feeling of a cooling sensation then you'll love this. The beads also aren't too large which I like. My skin is sensitive and dry at the same time, so I can't use harsh scrubs. A great example would be the Apricot St Ives. I tried this ages ago and it made my skin so dry and it was just too harsh for my skin also the grains were quite large. It's quite cheap ;) great for the pocket hehehe~


How my skin is after using both of theses two products. They never fail to make my skin feel amazinggg, I normally use them 2-3 times a week. Depending on how my skin feels that day. ^^

Have any of my readers tried either one of the products I'm sharing today? If so tell me about your experience. I'm terrified about my Nivea running out ;_; if someone in the Philippines would love to send me some plz do, I'll love chu 5eva~ >:3 ♥

I hope you all some-what enjoyed this post hehe. ^^ I'll be back with more things to share with you all of course! Hopefully I won't disappear for another month like how I've been doing every damn month LOL!!!! Be safe and stay warm people in the land down under and for the people on the other side of Australia... DARN YOUUUU ENJOY THE VITAMIN D!!!!! :D

Until then my ladies and gentlemen.
Much love ♥ Phuju.