Saturday, May 12, 2012

Neko + Instagram~

Hi everyone! It's been awhile hehee hope you're all well. ^_^ Back on board with blogging again, just been busy. Actually... Lazy to be precise. :P I just wanted to do a quick update and what not. Don't want everyone thinking I'm dead again, hohoho. 8)

I have a kitten now!!! She is super doper adorable, crazy and super energetic. I have been looking after her and trying to train her since she is still very young. Got to keep them tamed yah know? :D Here are some photos of her so enjoy! Her name is Gigi, name was inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service! She's the one keeping me off my toes and being busy.

How cute does she look in the last photo? DJLFFLJSD SHOO KUTE I WANT TO KILL ME!!! Also if you have Instagram check it out if you like: phuju.  ^_^

This post is pretty short but I hope you ladies and gents enjoyed it. I've got some review lined up so please look forward to them! Also thank you so much for the new and old followers. I'm going to do something special for you all to show how thankful I am. Hehehe. c; <3

Take care and I'll be back!
 Until next time,
Much love ♥ Phuju.