Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Etude House 2NE1 tint in "Vary Pink"

I'm going to review one of my current fave lip tints at the moment! ^^ I happen to love lips tints way better than lipsticks. Why? It's because they last pretty much the whole day! No need to reapply on a trillion times when I'm out. Plus they look so natural and come in all sorts of shades and formula. :D As you can read from the title of this post, I'll be reviewing a lip tint from Etude House. Also throwing out an interesting fact: 2NE1 was their endorsement models for this promotion!

Now, now... Please don't be alarmed by the colour. It may seem strange you're putting on mint colour on your lips instead of your pinks, peaches and what-not. But!!!! There is a catch of course. With the warmth of your lips when it is applied it turns into a wonderful pink! The more you apply on though the more darker it gets. Intriguing isn't it? 


I bet you weren't thinking it'd turn out this pretty yeah? Don't worry me too LOL!


Colour: 5/5 the colour pay off is amazingggg. It can change from light pink to fuchsia pink. It's insane!!!! Also who doesn't enjoy a little bit of magic? This stick is originally minty colour and turns pink? WTF! AMAZING OR WHAT?!

Formula/consistency: 5/5 it feels like a lipstick, glides on very smoothly and is very moist. Me likey. :P

Lasting power: 5/5 umm seriously, this thing stays on all day. Even after eating and drinking. It's crazy. Unlike my other lip tints I've bought, I have to reapply at least once after eating as it tends to run away on my napkin.

Overall: GO BUY IT! I'm not sponsored to do this post okay!? XD If you dig lip tints or you want long lasting wear then why not opp for this? Give it a try, trust me. You'll love it. :D

That's all for this post my ladies and gents, hope you all enjoyed it and I'll be back for more. Study hard and keep warm people in the land down under and for the people on the other side of the world... Enjoy that vitamin d!!! Me jelly~ :( Also I just realised I have 300 followers on my blog now. I'm so happy thank you so much for reading and commenting on this crappy blog. I really appreciate everyone of you!!! I love you all very much! ♥♥♥ I'll be organising something special for you all. Question though: any male readers? :D

Until then,
Much love ♥ Phuju Pham.