Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sponsored: i.Fairy Dolly+ Blue Lens

I'm sure by now you know I love the i-Fairy circle lenses range. They're not only so true to their advertisement but the designs are very unique and they are very comfortable! I've actually reviewed theses lens before but in the colour brown. You can click here to check it out! :3

Uniqso told me that it would take about 2 weeks  for the arrival, but it arrived within 5 days which I was super impressed by their fast service! ^_^ Now who doesn't like fast service? Also on a good note, they also provide you with a register number which is really great. Now you won't need to sit at home waiting for the postman and chase after him! :D

Item details:
Brand: i.Fairy in Dolly+ Blue
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 16mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Center Thickness : 0.04mm
Water Content : 55%
Using Cycle: 1 Year
Power Range : 0 ~ 850 Degree 

My Review:
 Design 4/5: I'm going to note down the same review as the brown lens I've tried on: The design is quite typical of any circle lens but it has a quite rusty limbo ring around/inside of the lens itself. Which I think it blends in more well. :)

Colour/color 5/5: The colour is vibrant as the advertisement, they are very-very true to the way it has been shown on their own company model.
The blue can be seen in flash and natural lighting photos but as for indoor lighting it may look a bit like regular black limbo ring lens. The colour is still very bright, if you are looking for natural looking lens then steer clear of theses!!! They also give off a "halo" effect which I really like!

Enlargement 5/5: The size is 16mm and they make my eyes look huge and dolly. What more can you ask for? :D

Comfort 4.5/5:  Theses lens felt MUCH, MUCH better than the brown ones I've got. Maybe the brown ones are defected? Not too sure but theses ones were quite comfortable and I wore it for a pretty long time 6 hours +

Overall: 5/5
I really like theses pair of lens, they're enlarging yet the colour is very vibrant - everything I look for. They sort of remind me of the Kimchi Viva Blue Lens but theses lens are much more appealing to my eyes. I think I'm adding theses on to my current faves. ♥

Where you can purchase them:
Direct link to the i.Fairy Dolly+ Blue Lens:

Also if you'd like on the right hand side bar of my blog there is a discount code for Uniqso.

Happen to like theses lashes I'm wearing as well?
You can purchase them from Uniqso as well. 8)

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