Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tesselaar Tulip Festival ♡

I'm in the blogging mood so I'm going to abuse it hehehe. ^_^ I've always wanted to go sight seeing at Tesselaar Tulip Festival, which happens every year in Melbourne from mid September to early October. It was my first time going and ahhh it's soo pretty! Tulips are one of my favourite flowers then champagne roses. The weather was perfect that day as well, truly blessed.

Anyway enough of me blabbering. I'll post up some photos with my sisters and I. Also a bonus short video footage. :3

These white tulips are so pretty! I've never seen anything like them. So different hehee. :3


Cute little fairy garden.

Don't forget to make a wish at the wishing well my munchkins! 8)

You can also purchase tulip bulbs or fresh ones! They also sell other types of flower bulbs. ^^b

Which one is your fave photo? Hohoho~ 8) If you're from Melbourne, you've got to check it out before the 9th of October. Last day of the festival. *sniff* :< I felt like a freaking tourist that day... But whatever I had a blastttttt hahahaa!!!

That's all for this post ladies and gents! I hope it didn't bore anyone... I thought I'd post up something cool for my Melbourne readers and who knows, it could be an attraction you'd like to check out if you visit Melbourne around this time of the year! 

Be safe and well and I'll be back with more things to share with you all~ *muah* ^_~*

Until next time!
Much love ♥ Phuju.