Friday, November 16, 2012

Sponsored: YANQINA - Liquid Eyeliner

Hi my lovely munchkins. I have a review to share with you all and it's not circle lens for once hahahaa!!! ^^ It's liquid eyeliner by the brand Yanqina. The product was kindly given by Uniqso, I was suppose to post this up awhile ago but had no time to put it up: so here it is ladies and gents, enjoy~ ^^ Also enjoy the fact no circle lens worn in this post as well! :D

Item detail:
Manufacturer: YANQINA
Sold As: Per Piece
Processing Time: 1 to 2 days
Place of Origin: Japan
Size: 2.5gm



*the 3 photos above were taken from their website*


So in general when I receive the item it was just wrapped with a clear film without the box. The eyeliner is a thick tip and is made out of felt. I was able to do quite thin strokes and thick ones easily. The plus side of using this eyeliner is that I believe it is beginner user friendly, as it's not too thin and is easy to control. The downside would be that it claims to be able to hold up for "36hrs". It lasts for a good 7-9hrs before it starts to lose the intensity of the colour.

Overall 4/5
I would recommend this to beginners who are interested in testing/trying out liquid eyeliner for the first time. Also the price that is it, so damn cheap la~ You can't go wrong with the quality it gives off.

Where you can purchase them:
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