Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sponsored: Dolly Eye - Dizon Eye Brown Lens

Want naturally bigger looking eyes but don't want to look scary? Well my dear friends, this is made for you all then! Theses pair of lenses are kindly given by Uniqso. Their service is always fast and they also give you a registered number which is always a plus side! Packaging is always well done, with a free lens case and this time they also sent a little Christmas card, which I thought was super sweet of them!

Also how do you like my new hair cut? I've cut off about 6 inches!!! 

 Item details:
Brand: Dolly Eye Place of origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.2 - 14.8mm
Water content: 38%
Using cycle: 1 Year

This is how the lens looks like with artificial lighting.

This is how the lens looks like with low/indoor lighting.

My Review:
Design & colour/color 5/5: The design itself is very natural. They actually look like my real eyes and it's not harsh looking at all. The lenses itself has a hazey design around the limbo ring which is why they look so natural. They're perfect for the professional work industry for sure.

Enlargement 4.5/5: The size is roughly around 14.2mm to be honest. They look about the same size as my iris but just a tiny bit bigger. I only wish they were about 14.5mm or so! But not the less, I still really like them!

Comfort 5/5: Theses lenses are comfortable because they're really thins!!!! Not too thin to take out of my eyes which is great. They also last in my eyes for a good amount of time 6 hours+!

Overall: 5/5
I strongly recommend for people who are looking for natural looking lenses that has a slightly enlarging effect. Who doesn't like it when people think their eyes are just "naturally" big? Even if they are slightly smaller than the ones I normally wear, I just think they're pefect for work and everyday use!

Where you can purchase them:

Direct link to Dolly Eye - Dizon Eye Brown Lens:

Also if you'd like on the right hand side bar of my blog there is a discount code for Uniqso.

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