Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: Ameli Eyeshadows VanityBox.Com.Au

Something different from my usual contact/circle lenses and I'm going to be reviewing these Ameli Eyeshadows that you can purchases from :3. I actually won these goodies from Closet Voyage's giveaway and I'm very thankful for that! Thank once again. ♥ 

I was planning to do a make up tutorial with them because I think they're absolutely gorgeous but I didn't have time to make one. The packaging is well protected and has bubble wrapping on the outside so there is no need to worry about the shadows cracking when they're being sent over. Also the single shadow container is very sturdy. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

I got two from the Ameli Eyeshadow but they're from a different range,
one is "STEP BASIC" and the other is "SWEET DIAMOND".

 #217 Charcoal Brown
"This rich dark chocolate brown eyeshadow is excellent for the classic smokey and chic look. It’s mellow soft powdery silky texture is crease resistant and contains sebum control to ensure a long lasting application. Glides easily on skin for a smooth application.

As with all Ameli eyeshadows, Charcoal Brown comes at a generous 4 grams. You can find more pictures from Ameli’s site (in Korean) here"


REVIEW: The colour is matte, therefore no sheen or shimmer. Which is why I'm guessing it's in the STEP BASIC range. It's really pigmented!!! You seriously need to pick up a little of the product on your brush/finger and blend away like crazy. The colour is also very true to their advertisement which is great.

#180 Rose Rococo
"Rose Rococo comes in a lovely lilac pink shade accentuated by platinum sparkles. This beautiful rosy shade is perfect for the soft smokey look. It’s creamy soft texture glides smoothly for easy application and offers plenty on the sparke and shimmering pearls. Superior gradation allows for a no hassles experience, whether you are after a natural or vivid colour. Stays true to colour long after application and is crease resistant.

As with all Ameli eyeshadows, French Chic is long lasting and comes at a generous 4 grams. You can find more pictures from Ameli’s site (in Korean) here"


REVIEW: The shadow contains tiny shiver sparkles and applies on more smoother than the STEP BASIC range, so it blends in more easier. I got to mention that there is quite a bit of fall out because of the sparkles but I still really like the colour when it's applied so it doesn't bother me that much. Also like the STEP BASIC range the advertisement is very true to their product. 

I really like these eyeshadow, very true to the advertisement and is pigmented enough for my liking. Question though: is it really necessary to add it on your make up collection though? If you're up for some good quality eyeshadow's then why not? Also at the moment they're being sold 50% on their website so check it out! Would I repurchase them? Yes I would. I'd like to try out more of their shimmer shadows!

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