Saturday, July 13, 2013

Night time eye make & I.Fairy Sirius Blue (tutorial)

Hello my little munchkins! I did a video on how I normally do my eye make up since a few of you have asked. It seriously look like my other videos but I guess I should update on it. :3

Also the lenses I'm wearing in the video was kindly sponsored by Uniqso and it's the I.Fairy Sirius Blue. They also cater a lot of different range of brands and colours, if you're interested then check out their category list. :) They took about less than 2 weeks to arrive to me which is quite reasonable. :3 The lenses itself is very blue not how it is shown in the advertisement. My eyes are naturally dark brown and covers it really well, it is absolutely not natural looking whatsoever but I still like it very much so. ^^ A little on the larger scale and I can only wear them max for 6 hours.

Now to continue on! Here is the video and please enjoy it hehehe. 

I hope this post was somewhat enjoyable and if you like it, drop a comment or like the video if you enjoyed it! ♥ If you want to know what the products I've used, then click on the video and read the description box. A little update on myself: I will be super, super busy for this upcoming month as I'll be on placement so I think I won't be able to post as often. But I'll try my best! :D

Until my next post!
Much love ♥ Phuju.