Monday, September 23, 2013

Sponsored: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Brown Lenses

So I have a pair of lenses that has been sponsored by Uniqso~
The company cater a lot of different range of brands and colours, if you're interested then check out their category list. ^^ The shipping took about less than 2 weeks which is reasonable and the communication is amazing, so no need to worry! So here it is and I hope you enjoy it, 100% my honest opinion nothing more and nothing less. 

I'll be reviewing Dolly Eye Ice Melon Brown Lenses!

Brand: Dolly Eye (EOS)
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Color Tones: 1 Tone
Diameter: 14.5mm
Replacement Period: 12 months
Water Content: 38%

My Review:
Design 3/5: The lenses design is exactly the same as the i.Fairy Super Crystal Brown! You can actually look at an old post on it and see how it looks here. Nothing plain but it's not extreme.
Colour/color 3/5: The colour is obviously all brown - one tone only which can look a bit fake. Good thing about this lenses design is that it has a dark limbo around it and fades as it comes closer towards the iris. If you're looking for a pair of natural looking lenses do not pick theses - the pair looks identical to the i.Fairy Super Crystal series but in this series it's much more vibrant and much more darker.
Enlargement 5/5: The size is 14.5 mm. Very huge and dolly looking - perfect size! Not too big that my eyes feel like it's dying.
Comfort 3.5/5: The water content of it is actually not that high and my eyes get tired/dry after about 5 hours or so.

A small snippet of how they look!

Overall: 3.5/5
I normally like theses style of circle lenses but the colour is just a little too strong for my liking. Also the comfort was alright, nothing great compared to the i.Fairy series or EOS (even though this is a branch off EOS.)
Where you can purchase them:
Facebook page:
Direct link to the Dolly Eye Ice Melon Brown Lens:

Also if you'd like on the right hand side bar of my blog there is a discount code for my readers that Uniqso has kindly given to my readers. Hope you all enjoyed that post my little munchkins! :D Please check out my Facebook Page which is located on the right side on this blog or follow me on Twitter: phujuu :D  

Until my next post,
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Well hello there! ಠωಠ

Hello my little munchkins!
So.... I went missing for around two months ahahahhaa ahh~ As I've stated in my previous post I'd be M.I.A for around a month because of placement and I'd try and blog after that but.... Straight after placement my computer broke down on me! I was so devastated, you wouldn't understand. I tried fixing it but nothing work. :c I even changed the graphics card and the ram but nope - still didn't work. My brother and I came up with to conclusion that the mother board is most likely fried. Oh well the computer has served me well. What made me really sad was all my movies, songs, photos from high school are gone and argh EVERYTHING IS GONE! Oh well, what can I do now?

Anyway, you're probably wondering how am I telling you all about this right now if I don't have a computer. I have a laptop now so I'm able to blog again! :D Also I'll be able to do my assignments as well. Living with no computer was hell, I couldn't do any work and check my emails like normal but I was actually fine without social networking sites ehhehehee.

So during August was Manifest! I was there working for 3 days and I met so many lovely people and met some of my blog readers and also Facebook page supporters which made me really happy! I'm so glad some of you said hi to me and asked for a photo too! I wasn't out of the cafe much since I was at the merchandising table for DokiDoki Station. Here are some photos during the 3 days at Manifest!

Outside the cafe before opening hours.

A line of black and white socks!

Some of the DDS girls and the Manifest volunteer maids!

Dance performance: left to right: Jiyu, Maiko & Miharu
People on the bottom: Left to right: Phuju, Shirii & Aki.
DDS girls: Nana, Aki and Shirii-chan! ♥

Daisuke our DDS butler and Nana-chan! Huehehehe~ ♥

After party at the cafe on the final day! Look at Nana's crazy face hahahaa! She's so cute!

My favourite photo out of the 3 days would be this one! Just missing some of the DDS girls. :c
Left to right: Maiko, Aki, Shirii, Nana, Phuju and Miharu! ♥

Which one was your fave photo? Hehehhee. Also here is a video performance so check it out! Try and spot me if you can.. I only had a small part. :D

After Manifest I was so fried, I didn't have a lot of sleep most likely 5hours each night as I had to get up really early and travel to the showgrounds. The fine day after Manifest I slept at 7PM and woke up the next day at 7AM. I SLEPT FOR 12HOURS STRAIGHT LOL. But it was an experience that I'd do all over again.

That is all for this small post. I just wanted to update on why I was gone for so long! I'll be having new reviews for you all soon! So please look forward to them! Hehehehe~

Until my next post,
Much love Phuju.