Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lip Product Review: PeriPera Water Lip Tint #1 & #2

Hiyoo! Placement is finally over and now I’m on my holiday break! I feel like a potato just lounging around but I have time to myself to blog and do things I love again. (Totally over the moon!) I’m going to review these PeriPera lip tint which are absolutely cute and lovely to have in your lip tint collection huhuhu~

The brand is by PeriPera which is made in Korea. The first thing you’ll notice is the packaging because it is really cute! Look at the character on the lip tint bottle! I think the artist also drew for 2NE1’s song “I Hate You” because the style is quite similar. In this post I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and talk a bit more at the end!

Shade #1 has more of a reddish orange tone while #2 has a pomegranate red with a hint of purple. This particular tint is buildable and the consistency is pretty much like water which is quite different from all the lip tints I’ve tried.

The top photo is with no lip tint on and I have on some lip concealer so then we can really see the true colour pay off. Middle picture shows off with shade #1 which shows off a natural red and the bottom photo shows off shade #2 which is deeper and has a slight purple tint (both applied only one layer.)

Overall the lip tint is natural looking and lasts for a good 6hrs+. You’ll needs a bit of reapplying after getting your chomps down and dirty with your food. 8D The only downfall would be the bottle opening has no rubber stopper…  Think of how nail polish bottles are, so if you tip it over it will spill out!!! Regardless I still like it nonetheless!!

Hopefully this review was helpful and introduced you to a new product and you might want to purchase it as well!! More blog posts will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Big thank you to those who are still reading this post, love you mucha!

Until my next post,
Much love Phuju.