Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sponsored: Dueba Crystal.i Blue Lenses

Merry late Christmas and happy new year my lovely blog readers! It's late but better than never I guess. :D 12 days through 2014 and so far not really bad! Hopefully it'll be another great year with endless opportunities. ♥

Anyway as the title says it all it's another lenses review~ Got a few sponsored posts coming up and other items I want to review and share with you all! x

I got kindly sponsored by LensVillage and the shipping took longer than usual - 4 weeks!!!! I was shocked, this never happens! But it was because it got into customs and they thought it was steroids in vial bottles... LMFAO!!!! I'm sure it would've only taken 1-2 weeks MAX la! I was just happy it was in good condition, everything was nicely packaged and they even had a little business card on how to take good care of the lenses. *Thumbs up.*

Dueba Crystal.i Blue  
Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00   
Life Span : 1 Year 
Base Curve : 8.6mm 
Diameter : 14.2 mm 
Origin : South Korea  
Water content: 38%  

My Review: 
Colour and design 5/5: The Deuba Crystal has a two tone color design but it actually looks quite natural on my brown eyes. It looks more blue when it is inserted in and has a crystal like effect which really shows off when worn. 
 Enlargement 5/5: The size is 14.2 mm. A lit larger than the normal iris but appears huge and dolly looking - perfect size! Great for people who want a different eye colour but want that slight enlargement. 
Comfort 3.5/5: The water content is only 38% which is not bad, my eyes get tired/dry after about 5 hours or so.  

Overall: 4/5 
I normally like theses style of circle lenses so tick! Looks natural and isn't too "alien looking" - tick! Overall, it's not too dramatic looking and can be toned down with a simple make up style as well. Should give it a try if you're looking for some natural looking blue lenses. 

Where you can purchase them:
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