Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lenses & Lash Review: EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown Lenses & Toyoepin No.01 Japan Style Eyelash


I haven't blogged since uhhhhh...... January LOLOL!!! Sorry guys and I'm also really surprised that new people are following my blog, even though I haven't blogged in so long - thank you! I'm going to do another blog post on an update of what has been happening for the past few months. Been a bit lazy, crazy, a lot of laughter, tears and emotions combined together. So stay tuned for it, most likely I'll do it after this post. :)

LoveShoppingholics have been very patent with me and thank you for that, and I would also like to apologise for the delay! Their delivery and parcel handling has always been exceptionally well, and I was very happy it arrived within the time frame that they had informed and promised me. (Within two weeks - not including the weekend). They also have a wide selection of lenses, false eyelashes, and other beauty products on their online website. 

The product I'll be reviewing today would be the EOS V-Check 2 tone brown lenses and also a pair of false eyelashes they had also kindly sent to me as well.


My Review (lenses):  
Design 3/5: The design looks a lot better on their model advertisement. The design that the model was wearing looked more hazy whereas when I recieved it, it looked a lot less natural looking and it had distinctive lines within the lenses which came off a bit fake looking.

Colour/color 3/5: The name of it says it all - it is a 2 tone type of lenses, it has a dark brown limbo ring and a warm honey brown for the iris colour. They sort of remind of the GEO mimi cafe latte series but has more of a golden/honey colour which I feel doesn't really blend in with my eyes naturally. 

Enlargement 4/5: The size is 14.5mm which gives it a natural look as it isn't huge as the 15mm. Also the dark limbo ring gives it an extra enlarging effect as well. :3 

Comfort 4/5: I liked the comfort level of them - wore them about 5hrs and my eyes were still in pretty good condition without eye drops. EOS normally is very comfortable for me and since the lenses diameter is only 14.5mm my eyes felt as if I'm not wearing anything. I guess a lot of oxygen was able to go through my eyes since the diameter is smaller than the usual 15mm I wear lolzzzz.8D

Overall: 3/5
The lenses is comfortable but honestly the design it isn't my style - I thought it'd be more of a hazy lenses (like the Seashell/Dizon series) but it turned out more to look more exotic as it has a golden tone. Perfect for cosplay and also people who want to have natural looking brown eyes but have naturally lighter eye colour than dark brown. Also it doesn't give off a creepy look as it has a small diameter! Would I repurchase it though? Nerhhhhh. I think it doesn't suit me as much I'd like it to.

 T O Y O E P I N - E Y E L A S H E S


As for the lashes it was first time trying this brand (Toyoepin).... All I have to say is I love it. I absolutely love false eyelashes. Back when I was younger the more dramatic, the better. My eye make has changed over time and now I prefer natural looking lashes. I still like dramatic lashes but it must be with the clear lash band and fine lashes, they can be saved for parties and special occassions instead now hahaha. :3

Overall: 5/5!!!
I would total purchase it again and would love to try out the other styles within that range as well! Very light weight, has a clear lash band and quality of the hair/lashes are very natural!

Where you can purchase theses items from: 
Direct link to EOS V-Check 2 Tone Brown Lenses:  
Direct link to Toyoepin No.01 Japan Style Eyelash (Upper):
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