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Skincare Review: SexyLook Strawberry Black Head Pore Set


Hello my beautiful readers! ^^ It's currently winter in Australia and it's really cold! I was actually really sick for over a month and now I'm finally better, but I'm not well again OTL. What is this sorcery!? Anyway, I have a skin care review that is made for poresssss. Do you have those really annoying black heads/pores all over your nose/chin (T zone area), and even with the nose pore strips it doesn't even help? Well this might be the product for you, even Xiaxue likes this product too!!

SexyLook Strawberry Black Head Pore Set was sent from LoveShoppingholics and the shipping took around 1-2 weeks, which is quite fast/standard shipping. Nicely bubble wrapped but the box was a bit squished when I received it. But to me the important factor was the contents are not broken! :3

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This product is quite different from nose pore strips, as it has a 3 step process. The 1st step is a try of liquid that is used to soften the sebum and the deep pores, 2nd step is to apply the mask to any desired areas on the face and the 3rd last step is a liquid (toner?) to remove any residue from the mask and to minimise the size of the pores. 


Photo credits to Google images.


Gahhh so nastyyyyy. ;_;

My review and overall:
The 3 step process was something I really enjoyed about this product. The packaging is quite simple but omg the smell is AMAZING! It smells like strawberry candy/chewing gum, I just wanted to squeeze the whole entire tube in my mouth and eat it! Not a strong chemical smell which is really good because it's sitting on top of my nose after all! Biore pore strips is good in my opinion but this product actually pulls out the whole length of the root of the pore/impurities within the skin. As the photo shows the pore is really long and whenever I use Biore, the pore either is broken off or doesn't come out as it's still stuck on my nose. TAT;; I'll just list down some of the pro's and con's of this product.

  • Smells AMAZING and it didn't break me out
  • 3 steps to allow a more thorough way of removing the pores
  • Can use it all over the face such as the "T-zone area"

  • A bit messy with the mask
  • Have to wait 15 minutes+ to allow it to dry

Overall would I repurchase it again? I would, it's much more effective than nose pore strips and I can get more use out of it because I can apply it to my chin and forehead (T zone area). It's good but not a "wow" for me but it works much better than the nose pore strips. Everyone has different types of skin and honestly the best way to know if it'll only work for you is to try it out yourself.

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