Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lenses Review: Vassen Kayo 3 Tone Grey Lenses


Hello my munchkins, hope you're all doing well! I'll be reviewing Vassen Kayo 3 tone grey circle lenses which are sponsored by LoveShoppingholics. The packaged arrived within two weeks which is really good! The package was in an envelope with bubble wrap lining and the lenses viral bottles were placed within a small gift box with extra bubble wrapping as well. :3 I also have two more pairs of circle lenses to review by LoveShoppingholics but they'll be posted individually on my blog! Now on with the photos and profile of the lenses! 8D


Manufacturer : Vassen
Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.5mm 
Water Content : 45%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
1 year disposable lenses after opening

My Review:

Design 5/5:
Does those lenses remind you of the EOS Ice Series or what? Because I'm 100% sure it's the same design and if you've been following my blog they're one of my favourite lenses to wear and I totally luveeeee the design now.

Colour/color 5/5: Slight dark limbo ring and then it melts into a mixture of grey and instead of being just pure "grey" it has a tint of blue and honey brown. This makes it look less 'fake' and look quite natural, totally loving the tri-colour! Was expecting to be just pure grey but it wasn't :D.

Enlargement 5/5: The size is 14.5mm but it gives off a 16mm look instead because it has a limbo ring and the grey part of the lenses gives a halo effect which is really pretty. It'll look creepy with no make up so beware. 

Comfort 5/5: Vassen lenses are one of those lenses that are quite comfortable to me and these lenses I can wear them up to 8hrs+.


Overall: 6/5
As you can see I've given it a 6/5 because it's so pretty on and it's way better than the EOS Ice Series in my opinion. My new favourite grey lenses! These lenses are perfect for those who want a 'shinny' eye effect and it is best worn with medium to heavy eye make up. A must for those who like grey lenses and want 'kira kira'~ eyes. 8D

Also LoveShoppingholics is having a buy 2 get 1 free for their Halloween special so check it out! Tomorrow is their last day of the promotion (31st of October 2014)! Check their website for me details!

Where you can purchase them:
Direct link to Vassen Kayo 3 Tone Grey Lenses:

Hope this review was some what helpful! I feel like I've been on a blogging spree 8D wooooo!!!! If you'd like to keep in contact with me or check out what I'm up to check out my Facebook Page which is located on the right side on this blog or follow me on Twitter: phujuu :D 

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Products I'm Loving ♡

Hello my beautiful readers, finally a post not 3 months from my previous post hahaha!! Anyway this post will be about a few my recent beauty products that I'm currently loving at the moment, or been loving for a long time! Nothing better than sharing my favourites because I love to see what other people like as well. I'll pop the links to where you can purchase them as I talk about each item to why I'm loving it~ :3

I've been using this for ages and it's perfect for holding your fringe back while you're washing your face, doing your make up or simply keeping it out of your face when you're at home. They're also different from the normal regular velcro as the grips are closer to each other and softer.

If you watch Bubzbeauty's Youtube videos then you would had seen this in a few of her older videos. This stick is so cheap and okay not going to lie - the first time I used it, it hurts like crazy! This is suppose to get rid of your facial hair such as your upper lip. You can do it really quick and there is no need to heat up your wax pot and blah blah blah. 100% recommended for removing facial hair aka peach fuzz and upper lip. :) Warning though - it hurts HHAHAHA.

The early signs of aging will show on your neck and your hands. We moisturise our face and body but a lot of people neglect their hands, neck and feet! They also need some T.L.C so spoil them. :)  I normally don't pick this scent but it smells sweet and heavenlyyyy. My all time favourite scent is actually the almond one though mmmmmmm.

I personally like liquid eyebrow pens as they are normally water proof, longer lasting and have more precision as the tip of the brush is quite fine. This is something I just tried and I'm loving it at the moment, two thumbs up! :D

I've been using this for the past few months and it's so goooooood (the bottle is 2/3 done but it's laying flat on the table, so you can't tell :P). I have really dry and sensitive skin and this make up remover is oil based, which does not dry out my skin and clog up my pores. I personally only like gel and oil based make up removers and this is something I'll keep repurchasing for sure!

Daiso | Dolly Style 'Brown Mix' #4 (no link, sorry couldn't find it!)
In Australia Daiso is $2.80AU and these lashes are a blend of brown and black. Looks really natural on and the lash band is also very thin, super pretty one, light weight and cheap too. :)

This lip tint is pigmented and smells and tastes really nice sort of like cherries? If you're a huge lip tint fan, you should add this to your collection. The only thing I don't like is how it's a squeeze tube, sometimes I put too much pressure on it and too much product comes out. Dead. T_T

I hope you all enjoyed this short post somehow, it's not a thorough review if you were expecting that! Is there any products you're loving at the moment? Share with me plzzzzz. Also I fucking need a new camera LOLOLOL any recommendations? A compact HD camera! :D

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spree Picky

Hiyo! Anyone miss me? 8D Hahaha! I hope you're all doing well and it's nearly summer for me (people down under) and I'm looking forward to some sun shine!! Anyway back to this blog post, I recently bought some clothes from an online store called Spree Picky and the clothes are really cute! My shopping experience was pretty good so I thought I'd share with you all. :3

Shopping process:
I placed my 3 items in the shopping cart and did my payment, got a confirmation saying it's gone through paypal and what not. The store actually contacted me within 24hrs in regards to 2 of items that I had chosen were out of stock. They asked me if I'd like to choose something else or a different colour in that particular style. The shop also has a lot of coupon codes which is a plus for us online shopping addicts!

The three items:

Kawaii Grids Bubble Pant-Skirt (blue)

Photo credit: Spree Picky

Photo credit: Spree Picky
Photo credit: Spree Picky


How the look like when they arrived:

Shipping arrival time:
The package arrive within the 3 week range which was fairly alright, I don't mind the time frame since it was free shipping. 8)

Quality of the clothing + shoes:
When I received the package I opened it and everything was in their own individual plastic bag with the brand Spree Picky. They gave me a really cute key chain as a freebie and the business card as well. The shoes were not in a box so I was a little worried that it would've been squished up and lost it's shape/form. Quite relieved that it wasn't and it didn't had a factory smell likewise for the skort and blouse! The quality of it is quite good and it doesn't look cheap as well. My size is around 8AU or a small and they fit perfectly. :3

Now I'm sure you'll want to see how it looks on me so here it is~

Overall: 5/5
I'd purchase more things from the store, totally friendly, great communication and what I love the most is that it's unique items as you won't be able to find around locally in Melbourne. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post! I got some more goodies to post in the future so fingers crossed I'll get some time to get them done heheheh. Also is there any online clothing stores that you really love shopping at? If so comment down below, I need new online shops!! LOL! ^^

Until next time!
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